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NCAIE Annual North Carolina International Leadership Conference

The NCAIE Annual North Carolina International Leadership Conference is just around the corner. The conference shall be held at Davidson College on Saturday, November 16th, and Sunday, November 17th. The primary purpose of the student leadership conference is to promote cross-cultural exchanges and foster friendships between international students from various colleges and universities in North Carolina. The target audience for this conference are international students and also American students returning from a study abroad experience, planning a study abroad experience, or advocating for international students. Also, welcome are professionals in the field of international education. 

This two-day event will challenge participants to view themselves as authentic leaders in an ever diversifying global environment. International students bring unique perspectives and experiences to their respective campuses and these are shared through various activities during the conference including: concurrent sessions, service project, and social activities. 

This conference is designed to enhance participant leadership skills, cultural understanding, and build social networks to sustain upon return to their respective institutions. We welcome faculty, staff, international student professionals in the field, international students, and host national students. 

The Student Leadership conference is organized completely by volunteers and sponsored by the North Carolina Association of International Educators.

We encourage the members of HPU International Club to attend the conference. 

Interested members may contact:
Mrs. Marjorie Church,
Director, International Student Services and ESL
Advisor, HPU International Club

HPUIC Supports Milagro de Vida!

Ever since the International Club started this semester, the members have been working hard to help Milagro de Vida Association. Milagro de Vida provides health care to children affected with cancer, with an emphasis on children with parents earning low incomes.
During the International Week (the largest event of the year), the club raised money for Milagro de Vida by selling t-shirts, giving out international desserts and Krispy Kreme doughnuts in exchange for donations. The kindness of people’s hearts at HPU helped the club raise over $1000 to donate to the Association. Our very own President, Dr. Nido Qubein contributed to the fundraisers at any opportunity he could get. Apart from the sales, International Club hosted events like International Show and aired a documentary during the week to enhance diversity and to promote global awareness around the campus. International Club is proud of its members and the students of High Point University for their hardwork and determination to support such a great organization that is fighting against one of the biggest issues of the World.
Author: Dani Ohemeng
Co-author: Lakshmi Pradeepthi Bommidala 

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New Event!

The new event is just a few days away. Take a look at the flyer to know more about the event.

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International Club showcases diversity through week of events

As published by High Point University's 
Campus Chronicle. Author: M. Mitchell

International Club showcases diversity through week of events

By Mayeesa Mitchell, Staff Writer

December 5, 2012
“The International Club has existed at HPU for many years, but we are bringing it back into full activity this year,” said Luiza Fogaca, current International Club president. “Many of the international students didn’t even know the club existed so we reached out to a lot of people, especially the new freshmen.”
The International Club is made up of students from all over the world as well as American students. These students come together to promote global and cultural awareness. Recently, the club has gone on a hiking trip and gone to restaurants in High Point to experience different ethnic foods.
“Since I’ve been an adviser, this is the biggest event we’ve ever done,” said Mariana Silvia, a Portuguese and Spanish professor at HPU and International Club adviser. “This is by far the thing that I am most proud of. It’s going to be fantastic!”
Silvia speaks of International Week, a five-day schedule of events organized and sponsored by the International Club.
“International Week has two purposes. The first is to raise money for an organization in Colombia that gives medical care to children with cancer. The second is to bring global awareness to the campus through multiple cultural activities,” said Silva.
Diana Dau is the administrative assistant in the Department of Modern Languages and adviser of the International Club. When asked what she was looking forward to most during International Week, Dau said, “I am looking forward to seeing [the international] students share their cultural heritage with others and bring out the diversity of our campus throughout the many events we will have.”
International Week began on Nov. 26 with a T-shirt sale. The T-shirts were designed by members of the International Club and featured the word “peace” in multiple languages. The proceeds went towards, Asociaci√≥n Milagro de Vida, an organization that provides adolescent cancer care in Colombia.
That night, members of Alpha Phi Omega, the co-ed service fraternity on campus, and members of the International Club made presentations about their experiences volunteering in foreign countries.
On the second day of the event, the International Club provided international coffee and Krispy Kreme doughnuts as an additional fundraiser. The cultural event of the night was an International Soccer tournament held at Vert Stadium. Faculty and students alike created teams to compete against one another in the most popular international sport.
The T-shirt sale resumed on Nov. 28, and the cultural activity of the night was held directly after a chapel service. The International Club succeeded in conveying the cultural importance of faith and food by providing the refreshments after chapel. A Mediterranean vegetable and cheese platter, spring rolls, and crepes along with multiple international beverages were part of the menu that was provided that night.
On Nov. 27, international desserts that were donated by local bakeries were sold as another fundraiser. That night, a documentary entitled “Las Abuelas de Plaza de Mayo and the Search for Identity” was shown in the Extraordinaire Cinema.
The documentary told the story of a group of grandmothers in Argentina who have banded together to search for their grandchildren who were taken from their parents and given to new families during The Dirty War. After the movie, Dr. C.A. Tuggle, a journalism professor at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill and the producer of the documentary, was skyped in for a question and answer session.
On the final night of International Week, an International Show was held in the Extraordinaire Cinema. The advisors, members of the club and performers from other universities, showed off their talents and exposed the audience to entertainment in multiple cultures. Education and entertainment collided in the show that featured singing, dancing and even a bit of comedy.
Each event during International Week was well attended and fulfilled the goal of increasing cultural awareness on campus.
Dau summed up the week best when she said, “As our HPU family continues to grow, so does our diversity and we were thrilled to be able to dedicated one entire week for multicultural awareness and understanding!”
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Author: Mayeesa Mitchell
Article owned by: High Point University
Posted on Campus Chronicle site on: December 5, 2012

Blog Posted by: Lakshmi Pradeepthi Bommidala
Posted on: January 14, 2013 at 5:17:25 PM